Hammer Crusher

      Mild Steel, Stainless Steel contact parts & GMP Grade equipment are available.

Hammer Crusher ( Screen Type Equipment ) is employed to disintegrate almost everything, from paper products to limestone and spices. Traditional disintegrators are technologically replaced by these modern and highly versatile machines, having total flexibility. Combination of different hammer styles, liner plates, sieve inserts and wear resistance technology offer almost unlimited possibilities of crushing lumpy, bulky, irregularly shaped, hard & fibrous materials, into coarse to medium fine powders. Materials enters at periphery of swing hammers undergoing size reduction along liner plates before discharging through perforated sieve at bottom.

Replaceable bar type grate is available for specific applications.


Mill CategoryScreen Type
Model TypeHC-01HC-03HC-05
Mill Motor Horse Power ( H.P. )7.5 – 1015 – 3040 – 75
Capacity (Range) kgs / hr / operation50 to 7500
Maximum Permissible feed size (mm)305050
Fineness Range4 TO 60 mesh BSS & Finer
Abrasiveness & Hardness handledMedium & upto 3 on Moh’s Scale

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