Mild Steel, Stainless Steel-GMP Grade, Stainless Steel Contact Parts Equipments available.


Plastic Grinding Mill ( Screen Type Equipment ) is suitable for heat-sensitive elastic polymers which are handled with ease for an excellent powder characteristics like controlled top cut-size, particle size distribution, bulk density and dispersion quality to suit end use.

Polyethelene materials, applications are Master Batch, Roto-moulding, Wire Coating, Textile Coating / Micro Dot requirements. Uniform size of granules / pallets (no pre-cuts or shreds) upto 6 mm, are subjected to gradual grinding together with water jacketed cooling / chilled air cooling for cool powder with optimum capacity.

Powdering solutions available for other polymers like Polystyrene, PVC, PVA, etc. For difficult to grind polymers under normal conditions, Chilled air systems are available.

Specifications :

Mill Category
Screen Type
Model Type
PGM – 301
PGM – 451
PGM – 601
Mill Motor Horse Power ( H.P. )
10 – 15
20 – 30
40 – 60
Capacity ( Range ) kg / hr / operation
20 to 600
Maximum Permissible feed size(mm)
Fineness range
16 to 85 mesh BSS & Finer
Abrasiveness & Hardness handled
Medium & Upto 3 on Moh’s Scale


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