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Batch Collection System

Continuous & Batch Collection System

Continuous Grinding System with Open Type Dust Collector

Continuous Grinding System with Pulse Jet Dust Collector

Continuous Grinding System with Online Feeding and Sieving

Continuous Plastic Grinding System

Two Stage Continuous Grinding System

  • A Continuous pneumatic conveying system.
  • Low feeding height enables easy manual feeding.
  • System consists of 2 Stage grinding operations i.e. 1st stage Mill for coarse grinding and 2nd stage Mill for fine grinding.
  • System consists of Conveying System, Cyclone Separator, Separate Blower, Rotary Air Lock Valve and Open Type Dust Collector.
  • Dust Collectors available in Open Type and closed type Pulse Jet Dust Collector.
  • Dust Collectors are provided with filter bags for dust less environment.
  • Mills mounted on Anti Vibration Mounting Pads to avoid foundation and vibrations.
  • Suitable for capacity upto 1500 kgs/hr.
  • Frequent change of product is not recommended as cleaning is difficult.
  • Different feeding conveyors available for uniform & consistent feeding to mill.
  • Rotary Air Lock Valve is provided for dust less environment.
  • System can be provided with chilled air and water facility for retaining properties of material.
  • Available in contact parts Stainless Steel material.
  • Capacity vary from material to material and type & kind of material.
  • On line sieving is possible.
  • Two stage Grinding machine manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, dealers and traders in India and worldwide double stage grinding machines from Gujarat and Mumbai since 1960 as per the ISO standards


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